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People often ask "why vinyl"? And that answer is easy - it is the only material you can make a watertight inflatable out of. But the next part of the answer is the most important - as a small company we have to work within the parameters of what's currently possible, so we are committed to finding the best and safest version. We only use Phthalate-Free, BPA-Free, Lead-Free vinyl. 

We also take our impact seriously, which is why our pools are made of durable heavyweight vinyl - with the right care this pool will last much longer than the flimsier pools of the past. And if a hole finally does appear, we've included a clear patch and encourage our customers to fix the issue and continue enjoying their current pool instead of ordering a replacement. 

Our pools are packaged in a reusable vinyl envelope - and that is it. No additional packaging. It's not necessary and significantly reduces our waste impact. We also ship using Kraft mailers with soy ink, so everything can be easily recycled. We used to use recycled polymailers, but found that many cities do not offer efficient plastic film recycling options, so cardboard is the best way to ensure our customers have the opportunity to recycle. 



Treat your pool nicely to ensure it lasts for more pool parties to come. 

1. Do not over-inflate - this will tear seams and create premature leaks.

2. Do not apply undue pressure to the rings - this includes sitting on them, jumping, and excessive leaning or pushing. 

3. Drain pool after use and hose off any dirt that was brought in - do not leave pool with any standing water.

4. Always use the drain to empty the pool. Trying to flip the pool over to pour out the water can result in tearing because the weight of the water will stretch the seams.

5. If pool does get dirty, clean with a gentle dish soap and rag.

6. When not in use, store completely dry in a cool location

7. Your pool may eventually get a hole - that is just the nature of inflatables. So we encourage you to patch it instead of replace it. For more detailed instructions around different patching scenarios, please see our FAQ



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