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Letter from the Founder: Hot Seat History

Letter from the Founder: Hot Seat History

I named this company Mylle because I wanted it to be more than just an inflatable company. In 2016, you could not find a beautiful inflatable pool. There was a huge Instagram buzz around inflatable swans, yet more people were moving into cities, away from neighborhoods with in-ground pools. It seemed like such an obvious gap in the market that I had to fill it. People questioned the idea, not believing it had real traction, and now after 7 years, countless press placements, and many imitations later, I feel I've finally proved my point that it was a good idea.

And that's what I love - good ideas. It just happened that my first one was an inflatable pool. Everyone would always ask, "When are you going to make beautiful pool floats? Water wings? Splash pads?" And the answer has always been, "Never." I don't want to make things just to make things. There are already beautiful floats - let those people keep making them - I don't want to get in that ring.

In my previous career as a stylist and content planner, I've spent a lot of time trend forecasting and thinking about the future. Not just what do people think is cool, but what is in the zeitgeist? Yes, we should make beautiful, interesting things, but what are people doing, and how do products align with changing lifestyles? As a city dweller in a small space, I'm most interested in the intersection of high style and low square footage, which is what really drives our product categories. There are simple products that can make your life in the city better, but either don’t exist or align with modern tastes. 

So it is with that lens that my obsession with the Hot Seat began.

During COVID, we "podded-up" with a family for childcare, who ended up becoming dear, dear family friends. Avi Geiger, the dad, a prolific inventor and now an AI CEO (ooh la la!), had leftover car seat-heating components from another project that he put in an IKEA cushion and powered with a power tool battery. He carried this around to all the restaurants that were outdoors-only to stay warm over that freezing winter in Seattle.

I LOVED the idea. After he told me about it, that's all I could think about. Why was this not a thing? Why were we not all doing this? Why wasn't this offered at outdoor cafes, like sheepskins and blankets are in Scandinavia? It is such a simple object that makes such a major upgrade to your experience. Soon after, I let him know I could not shake this idea and that this cushion was begging to be produced. He swore he was never going to get into making/selling products again, and that if I was serious, I should make them for Mylle. The answer was an immediate yes.

And that's when I got to work dreaming up a more covetable version. Beautiful covers that can be interchangeable - not just for washing, but because people like to switch out decor as their vibes and/or seasons change. A strap to carry it with you to outdoor events, but it must be a nice one that makes it look like a handbag and that you can switch out (spoiler alert - handle variations to come!). And then a battery to keep it powered for hours, but that also looks beautiful when you pull it out and leave it charging on your countertop.

So after a few years of dreaming, planning, and sourcing, we're finally here - the Hot Seat. I've got big plans for it. I think every hotel terrace needs them. I think we need rental booths at outdoor events. I think restaurants would be mad not to add these to their patios. And I think WE, the cool people with cool places to go, need them for our terraces and to take with us all summer to outdoor evening concerts.

 I hope you love these as much as I do. And I hope you tell your friends, your family, your neighbors, everyone. Because these are about to be everywhere and don’t you want them to know you were the first on the trend? ;)

Cheers, Kris


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