If you don't find your question here, you can always reach us directly at hello@mylleshop.com



Where do you ship? USA and Internationally. If you are unable to checkout from your country, please email hello@mylleshop.com for assistance.

When will my order ship? Within 3 business days.

What method do you use for domestic shipping? FedEx and USPS, depending on your location - this keeps shipping costs down to be able to offer our low $5 single pool shipping fee. 

Why don't you offer overnight shipping? Because we use heavyweight vinyl, the pool is 7 lbs so shipping overnight is is quite expensive - nearly the price of the pool. It's just doesn't feel reasonable.

What method do you use for international shipping? DHL.

Why is international shipping so expensive? We are a very small company and are unable to get deep corporate discounts because of our scale. We do not mark the price up to you. Unfortunately it is just the cost to ship a heavy pool a long distance. 



What is your return policy? Please see our Shipping & Returns page



How do I get my pool to inflate perfectly round? Follow the steps in our Inflation Advice page. But note that it may not be perfectly round upon first inflation because it is made of heavyweight vinyl. This is so it withstands stretching from water weight and warm sun, and will round out upon first use. Do not over-inflate to get wrinkles out. 

How do I use the two-step inflation valve? Please see our Inflation Advice page.

What type of inflator should I use? A list of preferred inflators can be found towards the end of our Inflation Advice page.



How should I store my pool? Dry and in a cool environment.

Will it fit back in the envelope? Yes, but not perfectly. After cleaning and drying your pool completely, deflate entirely. You may need to use the deflation mode on your inflator to get every last stitch of air out. Then fold accordion-style until pool is in a long line shape. Then fold that long line until it is approximately envelope size. You likely won't be able to snap closed easily, but the pool will stay nicely contained. However, we do encourage you to reuse your envelope so if it is already in use, your pool will still sit nicely folded by itself.

How can I clean my pool? Dishsoap, a rag and clean water.

Where is best to set up my pool? On a flat surface free of debris and edges that could puncture the pool. Use a mat underneath for padding if not used in grass.

Should I leave my pool inflated and filled with water? No. You should always drain your pool when not in use to ensure children do not enter unsupervised. Standing water gets dirty and can grow algae, so emptying will help keep you pool clean and last longer. And lastly, raccoons and other animals sneak into yards to use and scratch up pools overnight, so by storing your pool deflated you eliminate that risk.

Can I set my pool up on a deck? Make sure that your deck can handle the weight of the water. Max fill is 100 gallons, which weighs 834 lbs.

How should I drain my pool? Always use the drain. Trying to flip the pool over to pour out the water can result in tearing because the weight of the water will stretch the seams.

I've punctured my pool, what should I do? Patch it - don't replace it! Each pool comes with a small patch kit with instructions. If you have lost it, you can order clear patches online, like these

My pool is leaking, but I can't find the hole - help! First, check that the secondary inflation valve (the black part) has been pushed in evenly. If it goes in at an angle, this will push on the airlock and air will slowly leak out. If the valve is closed correctly, and the pool is still leaking you can find the leak by mixing water and detergent and spraying or rubbing it on the suspected area. Small bubbles will come from the source of the leak. Then, just wipe clean, wait for it to dry, and patch the punctured area.

A raccoon attacked my pool, help! A roll of clear Gorilla tape works to patch inflatables and will serve you much better than small patches in the event an animal scratches long tears across the pool. 



What is the pool made of? Matte Heavyweight Vinyl.

Why vinyl? See our Care page for more about our material choices.

Is the pool bottom padded? No, so we suggest setting up on grass or on a mat.

How many adults can use this pool? Two comfortably, though we've seen many more try it. Here's proof! Exhibit A. Exhibit B. 

Why is this pool more expensive than the ones I see in big box stores? We are quite likely the smallest inflatable company in the market. All of our designs are printed small batch. Often the pools you find in the $30 range are printed by the millions. We also only produce with phthalate-free, BPA-free, lead free vinyl in factories with proven safe and responsible working conditions, and that is just more expensive to do.



When did this company launch? 2016

Where are you based? Seattle, WA

How big is this company? Small, very small. Mylle is owned and primarily operated by Kris Myllenbeck, with support from an amazing list of contractors - from photographers to engineers. But the day to day is still in that beautiful start up phase with the owner doing too many of the jobs. 

How can I work with Mylle? While we're not hiring, we do often get this question and don't want to discourage anyone from asking it. To those of you who ask it or have just sent resumes - we like your gumption! Let us know how you see yourself as part of the Mylle story. We're growing quickly and it just might be serendipity that we're looking for help in an area that is perfect for you. 



I'm an interior designer, can I get industry pricing for a large order? Please email press@mylleshop.com with more information about your need. Industry pricing is given on a per person/project basis. 

I work for a hotel, event company, etc - can I get wholesale pricing for a large order? Please email wholesale@mylleshop.com with more information about your need. Wholesale pricing is given on a case by case basis. 

I'm an influencer - can I help? Possibly. We are a small company and cannot support many collaborations. However we love to hear from you and every now and then the stars align. Send an email to press@mylleshop.com and tell us a little about yourself and what you have in mind.

I'm an artist - are you looking for design collaborators? Not at the moment, but please let us know if you are interested by emailing us at press@mylleshop.com. We value our connection to the art and design world and would love to do more artist collaborations in the future so let's get the conversation started.