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The Company

How do you say Mylle?

Mylle is pronounced "Mile".

Do you have any promo codes?

No. We are a very small company and have priced our products at a price that works for us and is still fair. If we could afford to cut our prices by 10%, we would just offer that as the price, instead of requiring a promo code.

Do you know that x,y, and z have knocked you off?

Yes. But it's really just a compliment, because the best designers are always knocked off. If mass knock offs put us in the same category as Saarinen and Les Corbusier, we'll take it.

Will you be expanding the collection?

Yes. We are currently in development with three products, none of them in the inflatable space. Sign up for our newsletter to stay in the know.

Are you owned by a larger corporation?

No. Mylle is 100% bootstrapped by it's founder, Kris Myllenbeck.

Why do you always sell out?

We believe in small production and not over-manufacturing, which is a leading cause of waste. We don’t want to produce more than our customers need or produce too much and promote over-consumption. But sometimes that means we under-produce. We are still finding the right inventory balance that aligns with our goal of responsible production.

The Pools

How many gallons does a Mylle Pool hold?

Mylle inflatable pools hold 100 gallons of water when filled to maximum capacity.

How many people can fit in a Mylle pool?

Mylle's inflatable pools fit two adults comfortably, but we've seen more (Exhibit A, Exhibit B). As for kids, our pool is more than enough space for one, and still fun with four.

Is the bottom of a Mylle Pool padded?

No. Padded bottoms are much less durable and we designed our pool with durability at the core so that it lasts longer.

Can I order an envelope without ordering a pool?

Unfortunately we do not offer Mylle Envelopes as individual purchase, as they are just the packaging for our pools.

Why are Mylle Pools more expensive than what I see at a big box store?

We are quite likely the smallest inflatable company in the market. All of our pools are manufactured small batch. Often the pools you find in the $30 range are manufactured by the millions. We also only produce with phthalate-free, BPA-free, lead free vinyl in factories with proven safe and responsible working conditions, and that is just more expensive to do.

Where are Mylle Pools manufactured?


Where are Mylle Pools designed?

Seattle, WA, USA

What are Mylle Pools made of?

Heavy weight vinyl.

The Mats

How thick are the Mylle Mats?

0.5 inches.

Thick enough for great padding, but thin enough that it's still a stable surface.

Can I use this under my pool?

Yes! Of course! We recommend picking up the pieces to let them dry out after use in case any water gets underneath. Doing so will ensure no dampness is hidden under the mat.

Why are Mylle Mats more expensive than what I see at a big box store?

Same reason as our pools! We are quite likely the smallest mat producer in the market. All of our mats are manufactured small batch. Often the mats you find in the $45 range are manufactured by the millions. We also only produce with nontoxic EVA foam in factories with proven safe and responsible working conditions, and that is just more expensive to do.

Where are Mylle Mats manufactured?


Where are Mylle Mats designed?

Seattle, WA, USA

What are Mylle Mats made of?

Nontoxic EVA Foam


What can I do with a Mylle pool I no longer want?

Please reach out to us at and we will provide you a free shipping label to send the pool back for our upcycling program.  We are committed to keeping our vinyl out of landfills and giving it a second life. 

How is your material sustainable?

Vinyl isn’t inherently sustainable, and any company telling you that it is is greenwashing. However, there is so much room for improvement in how people make responsible and sustainable choices around plastic consumption. This is why our pools are made with heavyweight vinyl, so they are stronger and last longer. When a vinyl pool is treated as a long-term piece of furniture instead of a disposable seasonal accessory, we are reduce the material waste in this industry. We don’t actually want repeat customers. Please care for your pool, and patch any punctures that crop up over the years - they are badges of honor. Thank you for not being wasteful.

How is your pool packaged?

In a re-usable, waterproof clutch (tip: great for wet swimsuits). There is no additional plastic film bagging, like you see with most other brands. There is also no additional retail packaging - all in-store labeling needs are met with stickers, so there are no unnecessary and wasteful packaging layers. Customer orders are shipped in 100% recyclable undyed, kraft boxes printed with soy ink. Inside, the pool is wrapped in 100% recyclable paper and includes 100% recyclable paper instruction cards.

Why do you focus on packaging impact?

Packaging and single-use plastics produce the biggest waste implications in consumer goods. Since it is meant to be disposed of upon receipt, we make sure that everything you receive is easily recycled and we do not use duplicative materials like retail boxes and plastic wraps on our pools. We do use plastic wrap when required (i.e. for textiles) and select recycled or compostable materials.

Order, Shipping, and Returns

Can I cancel my order once it is placed?


How quickly are orders processed?

Within two business days.

Which carriers do you use?

UPS, Fedex, USPS, and DHL for international.

Where are orders shipped from?

Las Vegas. We proudly partner with Mvnifest, one of the only woman-owned fulfillment centers in the US.

How can I order from a country outside of the United States?

We don't currently ship customer orders outside of the US, but there are many luxury retailers in other countries that carry Mylle. Please see our stockist page to find a retailer that ships to your country.

What can be done about a damaged/missing package?

Please reach out directly to the carrier to file an insurance claim. Once approved, they will mail you a check for the cost of the pool. We would love to help you, but unfortunately once we pass your order off to the carrier, it is under their care and we have no authority over how your packaged is handled.

Do you offer local pickups in Seattle?

No. All orders are processed and shipped because we do not have a brick-and-mortar location.

What is your return policy?

Please see our Shipping & Returns page

Pool Care & Punctures

How do I inflate my pool?

See our "how to inflate" page for step by step instructions.

Why are there two closures on the valve?

The black stopper is a one-way-air-escape valve. This means you can inflate the pool without losing any air before you close the final valve stopper. Unplug the black stopper for quick deflation.

Why is the valve so big?

Mylle pool's large valves make inflation and deflation very quick - under 2 minutes if using a pump.

How do I get my pool perfectly round?

Follow the steps in our Inflation page. But note that it may not be perfectly round upon first inflation because it is made of heavyweight vinyl. This is so it withstands stretching from water weight and warm sun, and will round out upon first use. Do not over-inflate to get wrinkles out.

How can I clean my pool?

Dishsoap, a rag and clean water.

Where is should I set up my pool?

On a flat surface free of debris and edges that could puncture the pool. Use a mat underneath for padding if not used in grass. Please note that grass requires sunlight to thrive, and if you leave a pool on the grass for extended periods of time, that will make your grass go dormant.

Can I leave my pool inflated and filled with water?

No. You should always drain your pool when not in use to ensure children do not enter unsupervised. Standing water gets dirty, so emptying will help keep your pool clean and last longer. And lastly, raccoons and other animals sneak into yards to use and scratch up pools overnight, so by storing your pool deflated you eliminate that risk.

Can I set up my pool on a deck?

Usually the answer is "yes", but make sure that your deck can handle the weight of the water. Max fill is 100 gallons, which weighs 834 lbs.

How should I drain my pool?

Always use the drain. Trying to flip the pool over to pour out the water can result in tearing because the weight of the water will stretch the seams.

I've punctured my pool - what should I do?

Patch it - don't replace it! Each pool comes with a small patch kit with instructions.

What can I do if I lost the patch kit that came with my pool?

If you have lost it, you can order clear patches online,like these. Or clear gorilla tape.

How can I repair a leak that I cannot find?

First, check that the secondary inflation valve (the black part) has been pushed in evenly. If it goes in at an angle, this will push on the airlock and air will slowly leak out. If the valve is closed correctly, and the pool is still leaking you can find the leak by mixing water and detergent and spraying or rubbing it on the suspected area. Small bubbles will come from the source of the leak. Then, just wipe clean, wait for it to dry, and patch the punctured area.

What can I do if a racoon, bird, or other wildlife attacked my pool?

A roll ofclear Gorilla tapeworks to patch inflatables and will serve you much better than small patches in the event an animal scratches long tears across the pool.

Marketing & Partners

Where can I get a press deck for Mylle?

Please email with details about your project and request our press materials.

How can I borrow a press sample?

Press samples are sent as available - please email with details about your project, including dates needed, address, and designs requested.

Are you looking for design collaborators?

Not at the moment, but please let us know if you are interested by emailing us at We value our connection to the art and design world and would love to do more artist collaborations in the future so let's get the conversation started.

Can I get industry pricing for large orders?

Please email with more information about your need. Industry pricing is given on a per person/project basis.

Would you like to do an influencer collab?

Possibly. We are a small company and cannot support many collaborations. However we love to hear from you and every now and then the stars align. Send an email topress@mylleshop.comand tell us a little about yourself and what you have in mind.

Do you have an affiliate program?



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