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Step 1

Unfold pool evenly

Step 2

Open both valves entirely

Step 3

Inflate through first opening of valve on both rings

Step 4

Close secondary one-way-air-flow stopper (the black part)

Step 5

Inflate through secondary stopper

Step 6

Close final stopper

Suggested Inflators

Set Up

• Use only on level ground free of debris. Do not set up the pool on a slope or inclined surface.
• Ground surface must be compacted and firm enough to withstand the pressure and weight of the filled pool.
• Do not set-up the inflatable pool on an elevated surface such as a deck, platform, or balcony, which may collapse under the weight of the filled pool.
• The area shall facilitate drainage of the pool water after each use.


• If pool does get dirty, clean with a gentle dish soap and rag.
• Over-inflation will tear seams and create premature leaks.
• Temperature affects inflation and air will expand in heat. Take this into consideration and monitor inflation levels throughout use. Pool should have vertical creases inside.
• Do not apply undue pressure to the rings - this includes sitting on them, jumping, and excessive leaning or pushing.
• Drain pool after use and hose off any dirt that was brought in.
• Always use the drain to empty the pool. Trying to flip the pool over to pour out the water can result in tearing because the weight of the water will stretch the seams.
• When not in use, store completely dry in a cool location.


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