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The most beautiful inflatable pools in the world.


The most beautiful foam tile mats in the world.


The most beautiful merch collection in the world.


We're expanding the brand.

We launched Mylle in 2017 with a gorgeous name that was confusing to pronounce. The name had nothing to do with pools, though pools were the product we started with. In 2017, a beautiful inflatable pool had never been made. In 2023, after waves of knock-offs, that seems almost impossible.

We're proud to have created an industry-changing product, and we're about to do it again. In early 2024, we'll be launching three new product categories. None of them inflatable, but all of them The Most Beautiful _____ in the World.

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Designed to be kept and cared for

What to do.

We believe that taking pride in your aesthetic environment can also make you a better steward of the environment.

Should inflatable pools be labeled sustainable? No. Should they be considered recyclable or compostable? Also no.

But that doesn't mean we should give up on pools. We should just give up on looking at them as disposable or seasonal. Learn more about how to extend the life of your pool, and how to participate in our upcycling program should you choose to be done with yours.

The Art of Unboxing

Thoughtful packaging that reduces plastic waste and elevates the unboxing experience.


"This is the summer's must have accessory."

"Use it as a functional focal point during your next backyard barbecue."

"There's no more striking design for a mini pool than one reminiscent of modern art."


How did we get here?

Beautiful packaging, elevated ideas, and a commitment to do things better. Learn more about Mylle's history, and where we are going.

Digital Community

We were born on the internet. We've made many connections here. Come join us and let us know how you are using your #myllepool , #myllemat and #mbitw sweatshirt.


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