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Letter from the Founder: Why Mylle Mats?

Letter from the Founder: Why Mylle Mats?

We’d been getting the same question for years: What should I put under my pool for padding? We would always send people in the direction of the black puzzle mats of the martial arts classes and gym varieties. But, this was more of a recommendation based on necessity than an enthusiastic referral. I have long contemplated this product and for years was surprised that a mat with a more 'mylle' design sensibility did not exist. The market was dominated by extremes: mats for CrossFit workouts or mats for babies and toddlers. This problem was essentially begging me to solve it, no pun intended. 

After years of overwhelm, putting it off, and keeping an eye on the industry, I finally moved from dreaming of puzzle mat designs to product development. Armed with lessons in manufacturing from years designing and creating pools, I began vetting factories and looking into partners that could bring this idea to life.

What does that process look like, you ask? Aside from the important stuff like non-toxic materials and a premium finish, we had to identify a partner who was willing to try something new, to produce a product a bit out of normal workflow. This, like many things when bringing a product to life, was a longer and more tedious process than anticipated (more on that soon!). BUT, we made it happen and our end product is something I am incredibly proud of. 

From digital mockup, to produced product - the behind the scenes view of Mylle's puzzle mat design

The end product is beautiful, goes seamlessly with our pool designs, and all can be mixed and matched together. The goal was to create something that I want to, yes,  put under my pool, but that I also use for my own personal indoor gym/office space without sacrificing my design aesthetic. I created the thing I needed in my own life: the world’s most beautiful multi-purpose mat. Perfect for under the pool, yoga, wrestling with toddlers, but pretty enough to be used (some might even say featured) in your home. 

Like Hair Club for Men - I’m not only the World’s Most Beautiful Mat designer and founder, I’m also a client.  IYKYK

Until next month, XO




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